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     -s72金沙娱乐 Xian SAMING Technology Co., Ltd is Specialized in product development,production, sales and service in computer information security sector.It has import and export operation rights, and  a leading international technical level .Also  is the leader in the field of data recovery.
      The company was founded in November 25, 1998 with the registered capital of 10.0089 million yuan. Focus on the difficult area of information security, the company created its own style and obtained outstanding achievements in the technology aspect of dynamic protection and quick restoration of computer hard disk data.
      After 10 years of development, the company had applied for 14 invention patents, 2 integrated circuit  layout design, 65 computer software copyrights as well as multiple proprietary technologies, and other 10 trademarks or so. At present, four series, more than 30 kinds of products about chips, firmwares, hardwares and softwares produced by the company have excellent market both at home and abroad. 


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     Email: sales@saming.com-@jsa金沙娱乐登录
     Tel: +86-29-87306533

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